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Advancement in NAND Flash memory chip manufacturing, technological innovation, market growth.

2.9% Growth in NAND Flash Revenue

The NAND Flash industry witnessed a significant shift in Q3 2023, with a 2.9% increase in revenue, reaching USD 9.229 billion. This change was mainly due to Samsung’s strategic production reduction. Initially, uncertainty about end-user demand and a less promising peak season led buyers to be conservative. However, Samsung’s production cuts triggered a shift towards a more aggressive acquisition strategy, stabilizing and increasing NAND Flash contract prices by the end of the quarter​​.

Samsung Maintains Strong Performance

Samsung stood out in the market, maintaining solid performance. Despite slow demand in the server sector, its focus on consumer electronics, especially high-capacity products for PCs and smartphones, boosted its revenues. In Q3, Samsung managed to stabilize its NAND Flash revenue at USD 2.9 billion, despite a 1-3% decrease in shipped bits, thanks to a 1-3% increase in the average selling price​​.

Varied Performances Among Competitors

Kioxia and Micron saw their revenues decline this quarter, while SK Group and WDC experienced significant increases. Kioxia faced an 8.6% drop in revenue, attributed to delays in orders from U.S. smartphone brands. Micron maintained its bit shipments, but a 15% fall in average selling price reduced its revenue by 5.2%. On the other hand, SK Group and WDC benefited from increased demand in consumer electronics, allowing them to significantly boost their revenues​​​​.