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About:Energy and STMicroelectronics launch BMS technology

Innovation in Battery Management

About:Energy, a company specializing in battery modeling software, has unveiled a technology demonstrator for Battery Management Systems (BMS) created with the support of STMicroelectronics. This demonstrator combines About’s battery data with ST’s automotive solutions and AutoDevKit platform, enabling in-house development of safe, efficient, and reasonably priced Battery Management Systems.

Integration of Battery Data and Automotive Solutions

About:Energy has seamlessly integrated its industry-leading Voltt battery data with STMicroelectronics’ flexible automotive solutions. This collaboration allows businesses to create in-house Battery Management Systems (BMS) that are safe, efficient, and affordable. The product addresses the time and cost-intensive process of developing Battery Management Systems by merging About’s verified battery data from various chemical compositions with STMicroelectronics’ AutoDevKit platform.

Optimizing and Enhancing BMS Development

The combination of About’s battery data expertise and STMicroelectronics’ technological solutions optimizes the design process, safeguards intellectual property, speeds up the development of battery management system prototypes, and enables comprehensive solutions in terms of safety monitoring, efficiency enhancement, state of charge evaluation, and rapid charging.