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Arrow Electronics creates robotics Center of Excellence

Arrow’s Robotics Center Launch

In a move to propel the development of automation solutions across industries, Arrow Electronics and its subsidiary, eInfochips, have announced the establishment of a cutting-edge Robotics Center of Excellence (COE). This collaborative initiative aims to accelerate the time to market for robotics innovations, particularly in the realm of manufacturing, digital factories, and beyond.

Recognizing the increasing significance of robotics in today’s rapidly evolving landscape, Arrow has forged strategic alliances with industry leaders such as Analog Devices (ADI), Nvidia, and onsemi image sensors. Through these partnerships, Arrow aims to facilitate the creation of reference designs and proof of concepts, empowering robotics customers to enhance their product design capabilities.

To support this endeavor, Arrow has made significant investments in crucial resources, including a team of skilled engineers, state-of-the-art hardware and software, and advanced simulators. Leveraging Nvidia’s extensive portfolio, the Robotics COE will utilize powerful tools and platforms such as Jetson developer kits and modules, Isaac Sim, Omniverse, Metropolis, TAO Toolkit, TensorRT, and Triton Inference Server. Furthermore, Arrow will harness the potential of open-source tools like ROS (Robot Operating System) and Gazebo to drive innovation and address the fundamental robotics tasks of perception, navigation, and planning.

The inauguration of the Robotics COE comes at a pivotal time when the adoption of robotics is poised to become ubiquitous across industries. According to the International Federation of Robotics, the presence of robots and collaborative robots (cobots) in industrial manufacturing has witnessed a remarkable doubling in the past five years. As the demand intensifies for robots capable of operating safely, accurately, and efficiently in diverse environments, there arises a pressing need to develop robust solutions that can effectively identify and interact with objects in their surroundings. This pursuit presents a unique set of challenges that Arrow aims to overcome through the Robotics COE.

Aiden Mitchell, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Engineering at Arrow Electronics, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The rapid adoption of artificial intelligence at the edge, as well as applications such as autonomous machines, will revolutionize the digital factory to enable the deployment and growth of Industry 4.0. Arrow Electronics is proud to work together with ADI to create a center of excellence to empower the Intelligent Edge through design services capabilities, reduce technology complexities, and accelerate time to market.”

Customers seeking to harness the power of robotics can rely on the Robotics COE to deliver innovative solutions and drive transformative advancements. The COE will expedite and de-risk design cycles, leveraging Analog Devices’ cutting-edge sensor technologies alongside computing platform products and development kits tailored specifically for robotics applications. Additionally, customers will gain access to a world-class support team, enabling them to effectively plan, manage, and navigate their product roadmap and lifecycles.

As industries continue to embrace the potential of robotics, the establishment of the Robotics COE represents a significant milestone in fostering collaboration, fueling innovation, and propelling the evolution of automation solutions in the modern era.