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ASML’s Eindhoven Expansion Boosts Tech

ASML’s Expansion Plan in Eindhoven ASML, the leading supplier of equipment to computer chip manufacturers, has announced expansion plans in Eindhoven, marking a critical step for the company in determining its future growth. In collaboration with the city, ASML has signed a letter of intent paving the way for a development that could accommodate 20,000 new employees. This expansion would be located in an area yet to be developed in the north of Eindhoven, near the city’s airport, underscoring ASML’s ambition to consolidate its presence in the region.

Government Boost and Local Support This announcement follows the Dutch government’s decision last month to invest $2.7 billion in improving the infrastructure of the Eindhoven region. This investment aims to prevent ASML from moving its operations abroad and reinforces the government’s commitment to the tech sector. According to Roger Dassen, CFO of ASML, the company prefers to keep its core activities in the Netherlands, close to its current headquarters in Veldhoven. He also emphasized the importance of having access to talent, adequate infrastructure, and a positive investment climate as prerequisites for future investments.

Impact on the Technological and Economic Sector ASML is not only the largest company in the Netherlands but also the largest tech firm in Europe. With 24,000 of its 40,000 employees already located in the country, its expansion in Eindhoven could have a significant impact on the local and national economy. ASML dominates the market for lithography systems, which use light beams to create circuits in computer chips, and anticipates robust growth as the global semiconductor market is expected to double in the next decade. This development is a testament to confidence in the business climate and the support that the cabinet has committed to the chip sector, commented Micky Adriaansens, Minister of Economy.