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Find out how we achieved a 37% cost saving for our client.

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Gocar Electronic set out to optimize purchasing costs and reduce additional transportation costs for one of its regular customers in the electronic components sector.



  • Gocar Electronic, with its extensive experience in price tracking and a strong network of suppliers, identified the opportunity to improve cost efficiency for the customer.
  • Using the knowledge of the market and its logistical capabilities, it was proposed to implement a comprehensive strategy that would not only seek the best prices, but also optimize the purchasing and distribution processes.

We obtain


  1. 37% Savings in Total Order Cost: The implementation of the smart purchasing strategy allowed Gocar Electronic to achieve a significant savings of 37% in the total order cost for the customer. This impressive result not only exceeded the customer’s expectations, but also demonstrated Gocar Electronic’s ability to identify savings opportunities and maximize value for its customers.

  2. Transportation Cost Efficiency: A crucial part of the strategy was the optimization of transportation costs. By bundling all the necessary components into a single package through kitting and scheduling, Gocar Electronic was able to significantly reduce shipping costs. This logistical efficiency not only contributed to the overall order savings, but also improved the overall profitability of the operation for the customer.

  3. Loyal and Satisfied Customer: Beyond the financial results, the success of this initiative strengthened the relationship between Gocar Electronic and its customer. The client was impressed not only by the savings achieved, but also by Gocar Electronic’s proactive approach and ability to understand and meet their specific needs. As a result, the customer’s trust and loyalty towards Gocar Electronic was reinforced, laying the groundwork for a continued and mutually beneficial collaboration in the future.

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Gocar Electronic is an independent semiconductor distributor.

Gocar Electronic is an independent distributor of electronic components.



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