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Chinese companies lead AR glasses market at MWC 2023

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) technology fair in Barcelona never ceases to amaze! On this occasion, technology companies of the stature of Xiaomi, TCL, OPPO and ZTE have shown their augmented reality (AR) glasses, devices with multiple technologies, designs and functions…

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Huawei’s 5.5G milestone

Huawei’s President of Carrier BG, Li Peng, delivered a speech at MWC Barcelona 2023 Day 0 Forum, highlighting how 5G is leading to a smart world and how the next step towards 5.5G will be critical to achieving this goal. Li…

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Robotic dogs at MWC

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona continues to be one of the most prominent events in the world of technology. Although many of the companies that attend the fair no longer reserve their launches for the event, and come with…

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We attended ISE 2023 in Barcelona

The ISE show closed its doors in Barcelona with a technological spectacularity never seen before. This event, which was held for the third time in the city, after having been in Amsterdam for more than a decade, was looking for a…

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Chiplet Summit: The key to staying competitive

The Chiplet Summit, the first conference dedicated to chiplets, will be held January 24-26. This is an important milestone for the industry, as the technology has officially “arrived” and is now recognized as a key trend that will shape the future…

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Electronica 2022

Experts from the electronics, automotive, smart and high-tech industries from all over the world gathered to discuss technological developments, innovations and trends at this year’s Electronica trade fair. The Gocar Electronic team was also present in Munich to get an up-close…

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