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EU Invests €325 Million in Semiconductor Ecosystem

Boosting Innovation in Photonics and Competence Centers

The Chips Joint Undertaking (Chips JU) has announced the opening of calls to support semiconductor research and innovation initiatives in photonics, competence centers, and a cloud-based semiconductor design platform. These actions are part of the Chips for Europe initiative under the Chips Act.

The total EU funding available for these calls is €325 million, which is expected to be supplemented by additional financing from participating states of the Chips JU. This new round of calls aims to further support Europe’s semiconductor industry by establishing a pilot line for photonic integrated circuits (PICs). These semiconductors use light to process and transmit information at higher speeds while using less energy, which will be crucial for the next generation of high-performance computers, high-speed communications, and data centers.

Developing Competence Centers and a Cloud-Based Design Platform

In addition to the pilot line for PICs, the funding will also support the creation, roll-out, and networking of ‘chips competence centers’ in participating states. These competence centers will provide access to technical expertise and experimentation in semiconductors, helping companies, especially SMEs, to improve design capabilities and develop their skills. These centers will be essential for fostering innovation and competitiveness within the European tech sector.

Finally, the upcoming calls will fund a project to create a cloud-based online design platform. This platform will allow users, particularly academia, startups, and SMEs, to design and develop their new chips, facilitating the commercialization of their designs. This project aims to democratize access to advanced design tools and foster collaboration among various players in the European semiconductor ecosystem.

How to Apply and Participate

Industrial players and research organizations can apply for funding through the Funding and Tender Opportunities portal and the Chips JU website. This opportunity represents not only a significant investment in Europe’s technological infrastructure but also a crucial step towards self-sufficiency and leadership in the global semiconductor market.

Conclusion: A Promising Future for European Technology

With a €325 million investment aimed at boosting semiconductor innovation, the EU positions itself as a leader in the development of advanced technologies. This initiative will benefit not only large companies but also SMEs and startups seeking to make their mark in the competitive semiconductor market. The combination of photonics research, competence centers, and cloud-based design platforms promises to transform the European tech landscape.