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Baterías de lithio flexible

Flexible lithium batteries

Researchers at the University of Houston have made a remarkable discovery by unveiling a prototype fabric-based lithium-ion battery that has the potential to revolutionize wearable technology. The key to this breakthrough lies in the innovative use of a silver conductive fabric, which acts as a platform and current collector. This unique approach allows the fabric to create electrical conduction pathways, ensuring that the battery electrode works effectively even when stretched.

This breakthrough represents a major step forward in wearable technology, as conventional batteries currently in use are rigid and limit the functionality of the devices. In addition, these batteries rely on organic liquid electrolytes, which pose a flammability risk.

Haleh Ardebili, principal investigator at the University of Houston, stressed that although they have successfully created a prototype, work is still ongoing to optimize the battery’s design, materials and manufacturing process. Commercial viability depends on increasing manufacturing capacity, cost and other factors. The team is dedicated to refining and improving its stretchable battery to make it a reality in the consumer market. The implications of this discovery may spark new interest in wearable technology and redefine the landscape of portable power solutions.