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Infineon launches OptiMOS 7 MOSFETs for cars

New Devices for Enhanced Efficiency

Infineon Technologies AG has announced the expansion of its OptiMOS™ 7 MOSFETs line, specifically designed for automotive applications. The current collection of 40 V products has been enhanced by incorporating additional devices in robust, eco-friendly packaging. Additionally, OptiMOS 7 MOSFETs with voltage ratings of 80 V and 100 V are now available, further expanding options for automotive system designers.

These MOSFETs are engineered to deliver excellent efficiency and effectiveness across a wide range of automotive applications operating at 48 V, encompassing both present and future scenarios. Applications in this category include electric power steering, brake systems, power switches in new zone topologies, battery management, e-fuse boxes, DC/DC converters, and BLDC drives in various electrical system applications operating at either 12 V or 48 V. Moreover, they have versatile applications in several modes of transportation, including light electric vehicles (LEV), e2wheelers, eScooters, eMotorcycles, and commercial and agricultural vehicles (CAV).

Commitment to Efficiency and Quality

Infineon is dedicated to setting future benchmarks for automotive power MOSFETs in terms of power efficiency, advanced and robust power packaging, and exceptional quality. Infineon offers a diverse array of products to its customers, effectively fulfilling their requirements to facilitate the progress of contemporary automotive applications.

The implementation of 300 mm thin-wafer technology and innovative packaging in OptiMOS 7 technology leads to significant performance improvements across all voltage categories. Therefore, the components are already available in many robust automotive power configurations, including Single SSO8 (5×6), Dual SSO8 (5×6), mTOLG (8×8), and sTOLL (7×8).

Benefits of Advanced Design

Infineon’s OptiMOS 7 technology integrates significant advancements that enhance the performance and reliability of MOSFETs in automotive applications. The reduction in wafer thickness and innovation in packaging not only improve thermal efficiency but also increase the devices’ ability to handle high currents and reduce energy losses. These features are crucial for critical applications such as electric power steering and brake systems, where reliability and quick response are essential.