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Innovation in Semiconductor Materials for PSUs

Infineon Technologies AG has unveiled a roadmap for power systems designed to address the growing energy demands of artificial intelligence (AI) data centers. This roadmap includes semiconductor materials such as silicon, silicon carbide (SiC), and gallium nitride (GaN), and builds on current systems like 3 kW and 3.3 kW power supply units (PSUs), preparing for future energy demands with PSUs of 8 kW and 12 kW. Infineon announced it will soon offer a 12 kW reference board, which it claims will be the first PSU in the world to reach this power level.

Components and Efficiency of the 8 kW PSU

Infineon’s 8 kW PSU combines all three relevant chip technologies of power switches in a configuration that ensures benchmark efficiency and power density. This PSU, with a lower number of capacitors, reduces volume and enables higher reliability in a compact system. Additionally, the 8 kW PSU supports AI racks with power levels of up to 300 kW and beyond.

The Need for PSU Evolution

Infineon explained that the surge in server and data center applications has resulted in an increased power demand. This means an evolution of PSUs to higher power levels—from 800 W to 5.5 kW and beyond—will be necessary.

High-level processors and GPUs needed for AI data centers consume up to 1 kW per chip, and this consumption is expected to increase to 2 kW in the coming years, according to Infineon.


Infineon’s roadmap for power systems in AI data centers reflects a commitment to innovation and sustainability. By integrating advanced materials such as SiC and GaN and offering PSUs up to 12 kW, Infineon is well-positioned to meet the growing energy demands of the tech industry.