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Innovations from STMicroelectronics at electronica China 2024

Automotive Technology: Driving the Future of e-Mobility

With over 30 years of experience in automotive electronics, STMicroelectronics stands as a reliable and innovative partner in shaping the future of smart mobility. At electronica China 2024, ST will showcase comprehensive solutions for electric vehicles, including EV models that highlight their applications in automotive electrification and digitalization. From electric powertrains to digital vehicle platforms, ST’s technologies make electric transportation safer, cleaner, and more advanced. Additionally, they will present their latest automotive charging solution, integrating an onboard charger (OBC) and a DC-DC converter built with STPOWER products, offering compatibility with power levels like 6.6kW, 11kW, and up to 22kW. This solution uses Stellar E1 40nm microcontroller technology based on ARM® architecture, providing high efficiency and reliability.

Another highlighted innovation will be the Intelligent Front View Camera ADAS solution, developed in collaboration with ST’s partners. This solution incorporates technologies such as the SPC58NN automotive MCU and the L9396 System Basis Chip (SBC), enabling customers to meet stringent ASIL-D safety requirements when creating advanced ADAS products.

Industrial Solutions: Advancing Green Energy

With growing concerns about climate change and energy costs, STMicroelectronics is at the forefront of developing sustainable solutions. At electronica China 2024, they will present a unique “energy wall” showcasing a comprehensive hybrid energy system, illustrating the entire energy conversion chain from generation and storage to distribution and consumption. This system includes photovoltaic solar panels, inverters, a Battery Management System (BMS), a bidirectional energy storage system, and EV charging systems.

Supporting data centers handling AI/cloud workloads, ST will showcase solutions using cutting-edge technologies such as STPOWER Gen3 SiC MOSFETs, silicon transistors, galvanic isolation gate drivers, high precision op-amps, and high-performance MCUs. These solutions aim to boost energy efficiency while reducing consumption and carbon emissions. They will also present their AFCI solution, leveraging edge AI algorithms based on STM32H7 and STM32G4 MCUs to detect arc faults in real-time with higher accuracy and reduced false alarm rates.

Personal Electronics and Cloud Infrastructure: Innovation and Security

The widespread adoption of NFC functionality in smartphones has led more brands to use NFC to enhance consumer interaction and brand loyalty. At this exhibition, ST will introduce their latest NFC chip, the ST25TA-E, with advanced security features, including Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) capabilities and Blockchain compatibility. This chip provides a more secure digital signature solution that can be crucial for product identity verification and digital twinning.

Additionally, ST will showcase a new third-generation MEMS pressure sensor in a sealed, surface-mountable package, ideal for IoT, sports, and wearable applications. This sensor combines high precision with low power consumption to accurately measure water depth and altitude. With a ceramic substrate offering high resistance to liquid permeability and robust potting gel, the sensor protects internal circuits, making it ideal for automotive applications.

Finally, they will demonstrate a binocular 3D camera using one of their ST BrightSense global-shutter image sensors, making this unique technology available to everyone after delivering over 1 billion image sensors to selected partners.

Conclusion: Exploring the Future with STMicroelectronics

With an impressive lineup of over 50 interactive demos and advanced solutions, STMicroelectronics promises to amaze and educate visitors at electronica China 2024. From innovations in electric mobility to sustainable energy solutions and advanced security technologies, ST is poised to lead the way towards a smarter and greener future.