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Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger

Intel CEO Forecasts Semiconductor Industry Growth

According to Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel Corporation, the semiconductor industry is likely to double this decade, despite the current global crisis. He stated that while there may be short-term drawbacks, the company will continue to make long-term investments in leadership and capacity.

Gelsinger also mentioned that most leading-edge chips are currently manufactured in Asia, but that the company is working to change this through its five nodes in four years project. He expressed support for European efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in the semiconductor industry, saying that Europe should be able to meet its critical industry requirements.

The CEO also highlighted the importance of a “balanced, resilient supply chain” in order to avoid dependency on single points of failure. He stated that the current crisis has highlighted the need for this and that it’s crucial for countries to have a self-sufficient supply chain of critical aspects.