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Navitas to Acquire Silicon Control IC Company

Navitas Semiconductor, the leading company in the field of power semiconductors and gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) technology, has entered into an agreement to acquire the remaining stake in its silicon control IC joint venture from Halo Microelectronics. The purchase price for the minority interest is $20 million in Navitas stock.

Halo Microelectronics is a provider of a wide range of analog chip products, catering to various terminal applications. They specialize in the development of energy-efficient smart systems, through the use of analog and power management integrated circuits. Since 2012, Halo has been a pioneer in the mobile, IoT, and automotive systems space, creating high-performance product lines that can rival the top analog chip producers and earning the trust of many mainstream customers worldwide.

In 2021, Navitas and Halo joined forces to establish a joint venture, with the goal of designing application-specific silicon controllers that would work seamlessly with Navitas’ GaN ICs, resulting in new records for efficiency, density, cost, and integration across a wide range of applications. The first product line, designed for AC-DC power supply applications in various industries such as mobile, consumer, home appliance, and enterprise, renewables, EV, and more, has already been developed and released to production. Several clients have already adopted this silicon control technology based on GaN ICs, which work together as a “chip-set”, or are co-packaged to target 20 W to 500 W applications. These customers will launch their next-generation products later this year.

The financial outcomes from the joint venture have already been reflected in Navitas’ historical financial statements and forecasts, as Navitas was previously the majority stakeholder. The transaction is expected to be completed in February, and by 2026, the addressable market for this additional silicon controller capabilities is projected to be worth over $1B annually.