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Nexperia’s 80/100V ASFETs

Nexperia, a leading global semiconductor company, has recently announced the release of its first-ever 80 V and 100 V application-specific MOSFETs (ASFETs) for hotswap with an enhanced safe operating area (SOA) in a compact 8×8 mm LFPAK88 package. These brand-new ASFETs are specifically designed to cater to the needs of cutting-edge telecom and computing equipment and are fully optimized for demanding hotswap and soft-start applications.

Nexperia’s PSMN2R3-100SSE (100 V, 2.3 mΩ N-channel ASFET) is the leading addition to the portfolio, delivering low RDS(on) and strong linear-mode (safe operating area) performance in a compact 8 x 8 mm footprint, tailored to meet the requirements of demanding hotswap applications. This device was developed using decades of experience in both advanced silicon and package development. In response to the growing trend of employing 48 V power rails in computer servers and other industrial applications where environmental conditions permit MOSFETs with a lower BVDS rating, Nexperia has also introduced PSMN1R9-100SSE (80 V, 1.9 mΩ), an 80 V ASFET.

Hotswap and soft start applications are increasingly using ASFETs with improved SOA. When capacitive loads are added to the live backplane, their robust linear mode performance is crucial for managing in-rush current effectively and dependably. To reduce I2R losses when the ASFET is completely on, low RDS(on) is also crucial.

Nexperia’s third generation of enhanced SOA technology manages to 10% SOA improvement compared to prior generations in D2PAK packages (33 A vs. 30 A @ 50 V @ 1 ms) despite the lower RDS(on) and compact package size. The new hotswap ASFETs from Nexperia also include fully described SOA at 25°C and 125°C. Design engineers do not need to do thermal de-rating calculations because fully tested hot SOA curves are included in the datasheets, considerably expanding the useful hot SOA performance.

Previously, ASFETs for computing and hotswap applications were only available in significantly larger D2PAK packages (16 x 10 mm). However, with a 60% increase in space efficiency over D2PAK, LFPAK88 packages are the perfect D2PAK alternative. The RDS(on) of the PSMN2R3-100SSE is just 2.3 mΩ, which is at least 40% less than that of comparable devices currently on the market. As a result, LFPAK88 offers two times the ID (max) current rating, ultra-low thermal resistance, and 58x the industry-leading power density increases.

Nexperia’s hotswap ASFETs are designed for demanding hotswap and soft-start applications in 48 V power rails in computer servers and other industrial applications. The LFPAK88 packages provide a more space-efficient and compact solution than the traditional D2PAK packages. Moreover, the fully described SOA at 25°C and 125°C included in the datasheets makes it easy for design engineers to use the device without having to perform any thermal de-rating calculations.