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NFC Reader ST25R100 Unveils

Innovation and Performance within Reach

STMicroelectronics, an undisputed leader in semiconductor solutions, has launched the ST25R100 NFC reader, a device set to revolutionize contactless interactions across a wide array of products. This reader distinguishes itself through a unique blend of advanced features, robust communication, and cost-effectiveness, significantly enhancing the value of contactless interaction in high-volume consumer and industrial applications.

Measuring just 4mm x 4mm, the ST25R100 does not compromise on performance or reliability while maintaining low power consumption. This balance enables its integration into various products, including printers, power tools, gaming terminals, home appliances, medical devices, and access control systems, simplifying the adoption of contactless technology in sectors where it might previously have been considered cost-prohibitive or technically challenging.

A Solution Designed for Rapid and Efficient Development

Sylvain Fidelis, Multi-market Business Line Manager at STMicroelectronics, emphasizes the importance of contactless interactions for a broad range of applications, from recognizing genuine accessories to ordering consumables and monitoring usage. According to Fidelis, the ST25R100 not only offers an outstanding performance-to-cost ratio but also facilitates rapid development through STMicroelectronics’ software ecosystem, providing an affordable and easily integrated solution.

Outstanding Features for an Exceptional User Experience

Among the advanced features of the ST25R100 are sophisticated controls for signal quality and power management, ensuring strong and reliable wireless connections even in space-constrained devices that can only accommodate tiny antennas. Additionally, its enhanced low-power card detection (LPCD) capability significantly extends the detection range compared to cutting-edge devices, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

The ST25R100 integrates an advanced analog front end (AFE) and a data-framing system that supports standard NFC specifications, further enhancing its compatibility and versatility. With a wide range of power supply and peripheral I/O voltage support, alongside multiple operating modes for power management, the device can reduce its current to as little as 1µA, extending runtime in battery-powered applications.

A Contactless Future Within Everyone’s Reach

The ST25R100 is now available for sampling in a compact 4mm x 4mm 24-pin TQFN package, allowing even the smallest devices to offer contactless card experiences. With prices starting at $1.82 for orders of 1000 pieces, STMicroelectronics is not only looking to lead the NFC market but also to make this technology accessible to a broader audience.

STMicroelectronics will demonstrate the capabilities of the ST25R100 reader at Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany, from April 9-11. This event will provide a unique opportunity to firsthand experience how the ST25R100 is poised to change the landscape of contactless interaction.