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Onsemi Introduces Three New Industrial Silicon Carbide Solutions

Onsemi, a leading provider of industrial silicon carbide solutions, has unveiled three new products designed for energy infrastructure and industrial driving applications. These products demonstrate the company’s commitment to offering dependable, high-efficiency performance for a range of applications.

The first of these products is the 1700 V EliteSiC MOSFET (NTH4L028N170M1). This device is suitable for high-power industrial applications and offers a higher breakdown voltage (BV) than many other SiC solutions on the market. With a maximum Vgs range of -15 V/25 V and compatibility with fast switching applications where gate voltages rise to -10V, the MOSFET increases system reliability and is ideal for use in renewable energy systems with voltages ranging from 1100 V to 1500 V DC Buses. In addition, the MOSFET has a market-leading gate charge (Qg) of 200 nC at a test condition of 1200 V at 40 Amps, making it highly efficient for applications requiring fast switching and high power levels.

The second and third products are the EliteSiC Schottky diodes (NDSH25170A and NDSH10170A). These diodes are rated at 1700 V and offer avalanche protection, making them suitable for stable high-voltage operation at high temperatures. They also provide excellent efficiency, thanks to SiC technology. The diodes offer a greater margin between the maximum reverse voltage (VRRM) and the peak repetitive reverse voltage of the diode at a BV rating of 1700 V. In addition, they have a low maximum reverse current (IR) of just 40 A at 25 °C and 100 A at 175 °C, making them highly efficient and reliable for use in high voltage systems. This is a significant improvement over competing products, which often have a maximum IR of 100 A at 25 °C.

Onsemi will be showcasing all three of these products at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. These products demonstrate the company’s position as a pioneer in industrial silicon carbide solutions and its commitment to providing reliable, high-efficiency solutions for a range of applications.