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If you want to stay up to date, these are the headlines in the industry

Applied Materials Files Lawsuit Against Mattson Over Trade Secrets Theft

According to Bloomberg, Applied Materials has taken legal action against Chinese-owned competitor Mattson, accusing the company of a 14-month scheme to steal valuable trade secrets. Applied Materials claims that Mattson engaged in employee-poaching and covert transfers of semiconductor equipment designs.

Semiconductor Materials Revenue Hits Record High in 2022

SEMI’s latest report reveals that global semiconductor materials revenue reached $72.7 billion in 2022, surpassing the previous market high of $66.8 billion set in 2021. The report highlights a 10.5% increase in wafer fabrication materials revenue ($44.7 billion) and a 6.3% increase in packaging materials revenue ($28.0 billion) for the same period.

Strong Growth Predicted for 300mm Fab Equipment Spending

SEMI predicts a resurgence in 300mm fab equipment spending for front-end facilities, projecting a rise to $119 billion in the coming year after a decline in 2023. The demand for high-performance computing, automotive applications, and improved memory requirements will drive double-digit investment in equipment from 2024 to 2026.

Top 10 Foundries Experience Revenue Decline

Trendforce’s report reveals that the global top 10 foundries witnessed an 18.6% decline in revenue during Q1, compared to the same period in 2022. The decrease, amounting to approximately $27.3 billion, is expected to continue into Q2.

Emerging Substrates Poised for Strong Growth

A report from Yole Intelligence suggests that emerging semiconductor substrates, including GaSb, InSb, bulk GaN, Ga2O3, bulk AlN, and diamond, are set for significant growth. These substrates are projected to make up 25% of the power electronics market by 2028, offering opportunities in RF, photonics, lasers, LEDs, sensors, and detectors.

Entegris Breaks Ground on $600 Million Manufacturing Center

Entegris has initiated the construction of a new $600 million manufacturing center in Colorado Springs. The facility aims to produce products addressing micro-contamination, advanced materials handling, filtration, purification, and wafer carriers.

Advancements in 193i Lithography Technology Fuel Chip Density

The development of chips with higher densities is underway, thanks to advancements in 193i lithography technology, which has garnered renewed interest in the field.

North America Semiconductor Conference Highlights Supply Chain Mapping and Workforce Development

The inaugural North America Semiconductor Conference outlined key recommendations for supply chain mapping and workforce development, addressing crucial aspects of the semiconductor industry.

Smart Manufacturing Gains Momentum in Automation and AI

Automation, data management, and AI utilization are driving the progress of smart manufacturing, bringing about improvements in the industry.

Synopsys Expands Agreement with Samsung Foundry for Broad IP Portfolio

Synopsys has extended its partnership with Samsung Foundry to collaborate on a broad portfolio of intellectual property (IP). The collaboration aims to reduce design risk and accelerate silicon success in automotive, mobile, high-performance computing (HPC), and multi-die designs.

GlobalFoundries Collaborates with Lockheed Martin to Strengthen U.S. Semiconductor Manufacturing

GlobalFoundries and Lockheed Martin have joined forces in a strategic collaboration to advance U.S. semiconductor manufacturing and innovation. The partnership aims to enhance the security, reliability, and resiliency of domestic supply chains for national security systems.

Brewer Science Releases High-Temperature Gap-Filling Material for Lithography

Brewer Science has introduced a carbon-based, high-temperature gap-filling planarization material designed for advanced ArF and EUV lithography. The material exhibits 0% shrinkage and can withstand temperatures up to 550°C.