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Revolutionize power supply with Renesas’ IPDs

Introducing the latest innovation in automotive power supply systems – Renesas’ new generation of IPDs, featuring a revolutionary power MOSFET process. According to Akira Omichi, Vice President of Renesas’ Automotive Analog Application Specific Business Division, “Renesas is dedicated to developing IPDs that enhance safety and reliability in power supply systems and simplify system development for our customers by providing system-level solutions with our microcontrollers.”

Designed to meet the evolving needs of E/E architectures, these IPDs offer a number of advantages over traditional mechanical relays. Unlike mechanical relays, IPDs have a longer lifespan and require no maintenance, making them ideal for use in any location within a vehicle. Additionally, as the automotive industry shifts towards centralized or zone-oriented E/E architectures, IPDs are becoming the preferred choice for building efficient and flexible power supply networks, thanks to their ability to use shorter, thinner wires.

The new RAJ2810024H12HPD IPD offers a number of key features, including:

  • Single-channel high-side IPD
  • Small TO-252-7 package (6.10 x 6.50 mm)
  • Low on-resistance (Ron) of 2.3mΩ at 25°C (typical)
  • High accuracy current detection at low loads
  • Built-in charge pump
  • Self-diagnostic feedback by load current sense
  • Protection functions such as load short-circuit, overheat detection, sense current output, and GND open protection
  • Supports 3.3V/5V logic interface
  • Low standby current
  • Battery reverse connection protection with self-turn-on
  • Compliance with AEC-Q100 and RoHS automotive standards

Renesas is also offering a “Power Distribution Box with E-fuse” solution that utilizes existing IPDs. By replacing traditional fuses in the power supply box with small IPDs and programming fuse characteristics into the microcontroller, developers can optimize the wiring harness and improve reliability through current monitoring. This solution is part of Renesas’ Winning Combinations, which combine mutually compatible Renesas devices to reduce design risk and shorten time to market.

The RAJ2810024H12HPD is now available in sample quantities, with mass production scheduled for Q1 2024. More information on the new product can be found on Renesas’ website at