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Revolutionizing Chip Design with AI

Recent customers STMicroelectronics and SK hynix are using reinforcement learning-enabled design tools, with results showing a significant increase in productivity, reduction in total power, and smaller die sizes.

The Synopsys design system, used on both cloud and on-premise, has been a game-changer for the industry. The traditional design space exploration process has been labor-intensive, but with the use of AI technology, is able to search design spaces autonomously, reducing the workload on engineers and resulting in more efficient and optimized designs.

“In a recent project, delivered a 15% cell area reduction and a 5% die shrink,” says Junhyun Chun, Head of SoC at SK hynix. Meanwhile, Philippe d’Audigier, SoC Hardware Design Director at ST, states that “using the Synopsys design system on Microsoft Azure, we increased PPA exploration productivity by more than 3x, allowing us fast implementation of a new Arm core, while exceeding power, performance and area goals.”

The use of AI in the chip design industry has proven to provide faster and better results, while also reducing the resources needed. Shankar Krishnamoorthy, eDA GM at Synopsys, says, “designers are seeing significant gains from optimized designs delivering better results and faster time-to-market.” The future of chip design is looking bright with the integration of AI technology.