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Samsung announces the creation of a new revenue stream: “Memory as a Service” (MaaS).

Samsung Electronics, the world’s leading memory chip manufacturer, has surprised the market by announcing the creation of a high-end memory chip rental service as a new source of revenue. Known as “Memory as a Service” (MaaS), this innovative business model will consist of providing memory semiconductors for high-performance computing (HPC) to cloud services companies, including Google, in exchange for rental fees.

“We are very excited about the launch of MaaS, which we believe is an innovative solution to one of the memory industry’s biggest problems: huge price fluctuations. We are confident that MaaS will be very attractive to our customers and expect it to account for at least 10% of our chip revenue.”

Samsung CEO, DJ Koh

With MaaS, Samsung expects to be able to ensure a stable flow of sales and profits, especially during industry down cycles when chip prices often drop significantly. In addition, customers will be able to reduce costs associated with chip purchases by signing pre-determined pricing agreements and receiving system management services throughout the life cycle of those chips.

With this innovative initiative, Samsung once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation and its ability to adapt to market changes.

Will MaaS be the new standard in the memory business?

Only time will tell, but what is certain is that this news has generated a great impact in the sector and has put Samsung in the spotlight.