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Samsung’s 3nm Chip Production Rivaling TSMC with ‘Perfect’ Yield

It may seem hard to believe, but Samsung has reportedly achieved a “perfect level” yield rate for its second-generation 3nm chip manufacturing process. According to an anonymous source, the yield rate is closer to the 80% rate claimed by rival chipmaker TSMC for its 3nm finfet process, rather than the sub-20% yields that have been rumored for Samsung’s process.

The source also revealed that Samsung is already moving forward with the development of its second-generation 3nm chips, without any delays. The new GAA (Gate-All-Around) technology is said to reduce leakage and improve performance when compared to the finfet process.

This news is sure to catch the attention of TSMC customers like Qualcomm, Intel, and Apple. They will be closely watching to see if Samsung’s “perfect level” yield rate translates into higher-performing and more affordable chips compared to TSMC’s 3nm offering. As the tech industry continues to push for smaller and more powerful chips, every improvement in manufacturing processes is significant.