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Samsung Revolutionizes with AI’s 3D DRAM

Samsung Electronics Co., the global leader in memory chip manufacturing, is setting its sights on revolutionizing the artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor market with its groundbreaking 3D DRAM, set to debut in 2025. This cutting-edge chip is poised to triple the capacity per unit area by vertically stacking cells, as opposed to the current horizontal arrangement. Revealed at Memcon 2024, a global chipmaker gathering, this development is anticipated to catapult Samsung into the forefront of the AI semiconductor industry, aiming to eclipse its rival, SK Hynix Inc., which presently leads the DRAM market for AI applications.

Pioneering Innovation in AI Industry

Samsung plans to roll out a preliminary version of its 3D DRAM in 2025, leveraging its vertical channel transistor technology. This innovative approach vertically aligns a channel, facilitating electron flow within a transistor that forms a cell, surrounded by a gate functioning as a switch. Moreover, by 2030, Samsung intends to introduce stacked DRAM, encompassing all cell components, including a capacitor.

Market Evolution and Projections

The 3D DRAM structure, by stacking transistors across multiple layers, is expected to mitigate current leakage and interference by expanding the gaps between transistors. This technology not only aims to boost capacities within the same chip area but also to significantly increase the basic capacity of 3D DRAM to 100 gigabytes (GB), nearly tripling the current maximum capacity of 36 GB. The swift advancement of AI, necessitating rapid data processing, has driven the push towards smaller, more capable chips.

Leadership and Market Competition

Samsung’s foray into 3D DRAM technology is anticipated to secure its position as a leader in the global AI semiconductor industry, outpacing SK Hynix, which currently dominates the high-bandwidth memory (HBM) DRAM sector for AI applications with a 90% market share. Despite ongoing developments by rivals such as SK Hynix and Micron Technology Inc., Samsung is advancing rapidly, aiming to dominate this burgeoning sector.