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Secure cars: the key to success

Connected cars bring new possibilities for car manufacturers and suppliers to offer advanced functionalities and services, such as infotainment, digital key systems, authentication, and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication. However, this increased connectivity also raises security concerns that must be addressed. In this article, we will explore how to ensure the highest level of security in connected cars in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Hardware Secure MCUs: The Safest Way to Security When it comes to enhancing security, hardware systems offer better protection against tampering and other malicious attacks than any software-based solutions. ST’s secure hardware element, ST33K-A, offers the highest level of security currently available. With EAL6+ Common Criteria certification, this product provides authentication, confidentiality, and integrity services to safeguard car manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers against cloning, counterfeiting, malware injection, and unauthorized production.

ST33K-A is specifically designed for the automotive industry. It protects any type of device from unauthorized access and can store confidential and cryptographic data, protect credentials, and run secure authentication and identification services. The secure hardware element generates and stores encryption keys in a Root of Trust (RoT) platform to encrypt and decrypt data “on demand.” These tasks can be performed in harsh environments, ranging from -40°C to 105°C, and the chip incorporates the latest generation of Arm® processors.

Modular Development with Ease ST’s hardware secure MCU offers more than just security. It can host and run a wide range of in-cabin applications, such as Qi charging pads, digital car keys, and plug-and-go platforms. To create and secure these services in a timely manner, ST has developed a modular approach that is easy to use. Developers can use the ST33K-A secure element as the foundation for strong security hardware, and depending on their needs, add STSAFE-V, a secure system solution for vehicles, with either a STSAFE-VJ multi-SoC solution based on Java Card or a STSAFE-TPM dedicated solution. This agile development process has been chosen by thousands of OEMs, and over 1.5 billion units of ST33 have been sold and customized so far.

End-to-end Confidentiality ST provides end-to-end confidentiality, with ST33K-A units produced through certified manufacturing processes and a trusted supply chain with pre-provisioned secrets and certificates. Sensitive customer data is handled in a highly confidential environment. Developers receive a set of software libraries and drivers to ensure seamless integration into the final device. ST can also create tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs if necessary.

Affordable Security Access Points The automotive industry is making strides to enhance security, but change doesn’t happen overnight. While a secure element is a crucial aspect of security, cost concerns may arise. ST’s R&D team is dedicated to helping carmakers and Tier-1 suppliers upgrade their architecture in a cost-effective way. As a leader in integrated solutions, ST’s R&D experts can create access points with one secure element addressing various applications. More information is available on ST’s website.

Don’t overlook threats. Build competitive infotainment services that keep hackers at bay with ST33K-A and STSAFE-V