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Semiconductor Design Leap: Imec’s 2nm PDK

Boosting Semiconductor Innovation

The semiconductor technology landscape is poised for a significant leap with the roll-out of Imec’s 2nm Process Development Kit (PDK), set to be integrated into Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool suites from industry giants like Cadence Design Systems and Synopsys. This move not only democratizes access to advanced technological nodes for design exploration, system research, and education but also bridges a crucial gap for both academia and the industry in training the semiconductor experts of tomorrow.

Training and Transitioning to Future Technologies

Imec’s design exploration PDK encompasses the necessary infrastructure for digital design, relying on a set of digital standard cell libraries and SRAM IP macros. With plans to expand to even more advanced nodes, such as A14, this PDK stands as an invaluable resource for educating designers on emerging technologies. Starting early in the second quarter, a training program will commence for subscribers, teaching the intricacies of the N2 technology node and providing practical training on digital design platforms utilizing Cadence and Synopsys EDA software.

Strategic Collaborations for the Future of Design

Industrial collaborations are crucial in accelerating semiconductor innovation, as demonstrated by the partnership between Imec and companies like Synopsys and Cadence. Brandon Wang, Synopsys VP, highlights the importance of Imec’s PDK, stating it enables design teams to prototype and expedite the transition to next-generation technologies through a virtual PDK-based design environment. Yoon Kim, Cadence VP, emphasizes how Imec’s new design pathfinding PDK leverages all of Cadence’s tools to create and validate the Open PDK, ensuring that both academia and industry partners have access to a complete Cadence flow at the most advanced nodes.

This development not only heralds an era of accelerated innovations in the semiconductor field but also underscores the power of strategic collaborations to overcome current and future technological challenges. With Imec’s 2nm PDK, the pathway to advanced semiconductor design becomes more accessible, promising a future where innovation barriers are increasingly diminished.