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SK Telecom launches AI robot kit

SK Telecom launches AI robot kit

South Korea’s SK Telecom Co. has released an “AI robot kit” that can be attached to a robot to monitor fire and gas leaks. The kit is designed in the form of a rectangular box, which contains a computer, front and rear cameras, a 5G modem, a speaker, and a microphone. Customers can analyze AI images in full HD-level high-definition, and select the necessary features through a high-performance harmful gas detector, thermal imaging cameras, and indoor space 3D precision measurement programs.

The video control configuration can control multiple robots and drones simultaneously, which is useful for quick response in disaster situations. According to an SK Telecom official, the price is just one-fifth of that of famous robot brand packages. The AI robot kit has been designed to be an economical solution to make robots smarter and capable of detecting fire and gas leaks.

In addition to the AI robot kit, SK Telecom plans to unveil the “Unitree” package, a walking robot, for the first time at Drone Show Korea 2023 held at BEXCO in Busan for three days from Feb. 23. According to an official of SK Telecom, this is the first time in the industry that a product has been released in the form of a kit attached to a robot.

The “Unitree” package is expected to be a major draw at the show, given its innovative and groundbreaking design. The walking robot is designed to move like a real animal, with four legs that bend and move just like those of a real animal, which will enable it to traverse uneven terrain more effectively than traditional robots.

SK Telecom’s new products are part of the company’s strategy to expand its presence in the AI-based robot market. The company has set its sights on the domestic coffee robot market and plans to become a leading player in this space within five years.

“Through the full implementation of the AI-based robot business, we will become a leading company in the domestic coffee robot market within five years,” the SK Telecom official added.

Overall, SK Telecom’s AI robot kit is an innovative solution that has the potential to make robots smarter, more effective, and more capable of detecting gas leaks and fires. The company’s strategic focus on the AI-based robot market is sure to yield significant dividends, and the “Unitree” package is poised to be a major draw at the upcoming Drone Show Korea 2023.