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Spain's Green Energy Challenge

Spain’s Green Energy Challenge

Spain is facing a critical challenge in its transition to green energy as it risks losing a significant portion of its renewable production due to a lack of battery storage. According to a recent report by PwC and Ciemat, presented by Fundación Naturgy, the country is expected to experience production restrictions, known as curtailments, affecting 6-7% of its national renewable generation by 2030.

This percentage exceeds the 5% threshold of an efficient grid set by European regulations. The analysis highlights that even if the government’s new draft of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) 2023-2030 targets 2,500 megawatts (MW) of battery capacity, renewable energy spills will still account for 3% of total generation.

During the timeframes of 9-12 in the morning and 4-8 in the afternoon, when solar technology reaches peak production or stops generating electricity, there will be significant fluctuations in residual demand, leading to steep ramps. To maintain the balance of the electrical system, it is crucial for other technologies to be capable of flexibly starting or stopping production at approximately 8,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) to match the demand, warns the analysis.