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Strengthening the Semiconductor Supply Chain in Europe

Expansion of Strategic Partnerships Infineon Technologies AG, a leader in power systems and IoT solutions, along with Amkor Technology, Inc., a prominent provider of semiconductor packaging and testing services, have announced a multi-year strategic agreement to bolster their outsourced manufacturing footprint in Europe. This collaboration involves the establishment of a specialized packaging and testing center at Amkor’s facility in Porto, Portugal, with operations expected to begin in the first half of 2025.

Deepening Collaboration for Resilience The partnership between Infineon and Amkor aims not only to extend the traditional Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) business model but also to expand Amkor’s facilities in Porto. Amkor will provide dedicated clean room space for the production line, while Infineon will supply an on-site team for engineering and development support. This cooperation is intended to strengthen the semiconductor supply chain in Europe, contributing to its resilience, particularly regarding automotive customers.

Impact on the Semiconductor Ecosystem This agreement marks a significant milestone in the industry, enhancing supply security and geographical resilience for customers. It represents a joint effort to reinforce Europe’s standing as a semiconductor manufacturing hub, further deepening Infineon’s presence in Portugal’s robust semiconductor ecosystem, where it already operates a significant service center with over 600 employees. This expansion is a testament to both companies’ growing footprint in the market and their commitment to strengthening the global supply chain.