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Strong Growth in Materials Market

The global semiconductor materials market achieved a significant milestone in 2022, with revenues surging by an impressive 8.9% and reaching a record high of USD 72.7 billion, according to the latest report from SEMI, the prominent global industry association representing the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain. This remarkable growth outpaced the previous market peak of USD 66.8 billion established in 2021, highlighting the sector’s resilience and ongoing expansion.

Within the market, wafer fabrication materials accounted for a substantial portion of the revenue, amounting to USD 44.7 billion. This segment demonstrated a robust growth rate of 10.5%, propelled by strong performances in key areas such as silicon, electronic gases, and photomasks. The packaging materials segment also contributed significantly to the overall revenue, reaching USD 28.0 billion with a growth rate of 6.3%. The organic substrates segment emerged as a major driver for growth in the packaging materials market.

Taiwan, renowned for its formidable foundry capacity and advanced packaging capabilities, retained its position as the world’s largest consumer of semiconductor materials for an impressive 13th consecutive year. The country’s semiconductor industry continued to thrive, generating a substantial revenue of USD 20.1 billion. Notably, China showcased remarkable progress and secured the second spot in the ranking, displaying strong year-over-year results that underscored its growing prominence in the global semiconductor landscape. Meanwhile, Korea secured the third position as a significant consumer of semiconductor materials.

The impressive revenue growth in the global semiconductor materials market was not limited to specific regions. Numerous regions around the world witnessed high single- or double-digit growth rates, further solidifying the industry’s positive trajectory and the increasing demand for semiconductor materials across various sectors.

This record-breaking performance in the semiconductor materials market signals a promising future for the industry. As technology continues to advance and new applications emerge, the demand for semiconductor materials is expected to remain robust. With continuous innovation and strategic investments, the semiconductor materials sector is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, driving progress and powering technological advancements across the globe.