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2024 GaN Semiconductor Predictions

Increased Global Electrification As the world strives to meet decarbonization goals and achieve net-zero carbon emissions, one key approach is the greater electrification of energy supply and demand. High-efficiency power conversion is essential for both. On the supply side, renewable energy…

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Biden Raises Tariffs on Chinese Semiconductors

Increased Tariffs on Semiconductors and Other Strategic Sectors The US government has announced new measures to counter China’s unfair trade practices, with tariffs on semiconductors set to increase from 25% to 50% by 2025. In an official announcement, President Biden stated…

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TSMC’s 3nm Chips Mass Production in 2024

Advancements in TSMC’s N3E Technology The world’s leading chip manufacturer, TSMC, has announced it is ready to begin mass production of 3nm chips in the second half of 2024, following successful testing of its N3E process. This announcement was made during…

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U.S. to Boost Chip Production

Breakthrough in Semiconductor Technology by SK hynix South Korea’s memory giant, SK hynix, has unveiled a technological breakthrough that could redefine the capabilities of traditional memory chips. During the International Memory Workshop held this week in Seoul, Kwon Young-jae, a team…

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U.S. to Boost Chip Production

Significant Increase in Production Capacity According to a new report from the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the United States is set to increase its semiconductor manufacturing capacity more than any other region by the start of the next decade. The study,…

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New MCU Technologies at Embedded World

Embedded World 2024: A Look at Microcontroller Innovations Innovation and Technology Hub in Europe This year marks the 22nd edition of Embedded World, regarded as the main gathering for the European embedded community, but its influence spans globally. This year’s event…

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Samsung Launches 3nm Chips in Galaxy

Advancing in Semiconductor Technology Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s largest memory chip manufacturer, has announced plans to implement its advanced 3-nanometer (nm) chip processing technology in the next generation of its Galaxy smartphones and smartwatches. This move positions Samsung in direct…

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Micron to Launch Products from New Gujarat Hub in 2025

Micron’s Strategic Expansion in India Micron, the U.S. memory company, has announced that it expects to release chips packaged at its Sanand facility in Gujarat by the start of next year. The company inaugurated this $2.75 billion plant in September 2023,…

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Tesla Begins Production of Advanced Dojo Processor

Tesla Boosts Innovation with Its Own Processor Tesla, the electric car giant, has begun manufacturing its processor known as the “Dojo Training Tile.” This marks a significant milestone in its efforts to internally develop its AI training compute capacity. Although it…

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Samsung Battles SK Hynix for Nvidia Contract

Clash of Titans in the Chip Industry Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s top memory chip maker, has formed a specialized team to secure a high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chip supply deal with Nvidia Corp., the global artificial intelligence semiconductor giant. This strategic…

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