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Tata may make chips

Tata’s chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran told the Nikkei that the company is starting with IC test and assembly and will then consider getting into fab.

“We have created Tata Electronics, under which we are going to set up semiconductor assembly testing business,” said Chandrasekaran “we will have discussions with multiple players.

Chandrasekaran added that the company will “look into the possibility of eventually launching an upstream chip fabrication platform.”

It is thought that the “decoupling” between the West and China in ICs gives Tata an opportunity to enter the semiconductor supply chain.

Chandraskaran said that Tata plans to invest $90 billion over the next five years.

As well as chips, the company is moving into EVs and EV batteries, renewable energy and “super apps” that allow users to buy goods and services from groceries to financial products