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ASML and Valqua: Key Players in Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is one of the most complex and sophisticated industries in the world. The creation of semiconductors is a process that requires a combination of advanced technologies, techniques, and expertise, all of which are critical to ensuring the production of reliable, high-performance electronic devices. Two of the most essential companies in this industry are ASML and Valqua, each with their own unique contributions to the process. ASML, the Dutch company that provides Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography equipment, is the only company in the world that can supply the advanced technology necessary to manufacture chips with transistors smaller than 5 nanometers. Canon and Nikon had attempted to develop similar technology, but ultimately abandoned their efforts due to the level of complexity involved. Without ASML, the industry would not have been able to push beyond this important threshold. Valqua, on the other hand, is a Japanese company that specializes in the creation of extremely clean tanks. While their solutions are not as complex as those of ASML, they are equally critical to the semiconductor industry.

Valqua’s tanks are used to store the various chemicals that are necessary to create semiconductors. Given the incredibly clean environment required for semiconductor manufacturing, even the slightest impurities can ruin the entire process. Valqua’s tanks are designed to be highly customizable, with no standardized size. This flexibility allows the tanks to be created to match the unique requirements of each individual customer. Additionally, Valqua’s tanks are coated with fluororesin, a process that requires specialized workers and equipment to ensure that the tanks remain free of impurities. The result is a product that is tailored to the specific needs of each customer and is guaranteed to be free of any contaminants. Valqua’s tanks have been so successful that the company is now the largest provider of chemical storage tanks in the world. One of their most significant customers is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), a giant in the semiconductor industry.

TSMC currently holds more than 50% of the market share for semiconductors, with Samsung following closely behind. Despite their dominance in the industry, TSMC still relies on Valqua’s products to ensure their manufacturing processes remain free of impurities. Valqua’s success can be attributed to their ability to adapt and evolve with the semiconductor industry. The company was founded in 1927 and initially produced brake pads for cars. Over time, the company expanded its offerings to include industrial joints, synthetic rubber gaskets, and compressed sheets for airplanes. The company’s success allowed them to establish subsidiaries in China, Korea, Vietnam, and the United States while continuing to develop new products to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. In conclusion, the semiconductor industry is a complex and dynamic field that requires the expertise of many different companies and technologies. While ASML is critical to the manufacturing of advanced chips, Valqua’s tanks are equally essential to ensure the purity of the manufacturing process. As the industry continues to evolve, it is clear that Valqua’s ability to customize and create clean tanks will remain a crucial part of the semiconductor manufacturing process for years to come.