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Tech Legend Gordon Moore Dies

The tech world is mourning the loss of a true giant in the semiconductor industry. Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel and a pioneer in the field of technology, passed away on March 24th, 2023 at his home in Hawaii.

Moore and Robert Noyce established Intel in 1968, after working together for a decade in the semiconductor industry in California. Prior to that, they played pivotal roles in the founding of Fairchild Semiconductor, where they were instrumental in the development of the first commercially viable integrated circuits and diffused silicon transistors.

While Noyce was often credited with establishing Intel’s vision and culture, Moore was the technological mastermind behind the company’s success. His contributions to the industry are best known through Moore’s Law, which he formulated in 1965. The law predicted that the number of transistors in a circuit would double every year, and in 1975, Moore revised it to every two years. It has since become a guiding principle for the rapid technological advancement that has defined the industry.

On March 24th, Intel and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation announced Moore’s passing at the age of 94. The foundation revealed that he died peacefully, surrounded by his loved ones at his home in Hawaii.

The legacy of Gordon Moore will undoubtedly continue to shape the technology industry for years to come. His contributions to the field have been immeasurable, and his influence will be sorely missed.