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The Global Auto IC Shortage: What You Need to Know

The automotive industry has been hit hard by a shortage of integrated circuits (ICs), also known as chips. This shortage is affecting the production of cars, trucks, and other vehicles, leading to delays and increased costs. According to Sourcengine, this shortage is expected to last throughout 2023 and won’t be fully balanced until Q4 2024 or Q1 2025.

The shortage is affecting different categories of ICs differently. For example, General Discretes have lead times of 20-36 weeks at ST, 20-32 weeks at Nexperia, and 26-40 weeks at Infineon. Power Discretes, on the other hand, have lead times ranging from 50-60 weeks at ON to 26-52 weeks at Diodes. PMICs (Power Management ICs) are facing lead times of 30-45 weeks at Infineon and 30-40 weeks at ST.

The situation is similar for Embedded Processors. 8-bit processors have lead times ranging from 32-75 weeks at Microchip to 35-75 weeks at TI. 16-bit processors have lead times ranging from 18-20 weeks at Intel to 52-65 weeks at NXP. And, 32-bit processors have lead times ranging from 20-52 weeks at Infineon to 55-99 weeks at NXP.

Finally, programmable ICs like FPGA and CPLD from Intel have lead times of 45 weeks.

In conclusion, the global auto IC shortage is expected to last for a while and its effects will be felt by the automotive industry for some time. However, by understanding the lead times for different types of ICs, companies can plan accordingly and minimize the impact on their operations.