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The robot dog that replaces drones

On the occasion of Civil Engineering Week, Acciona has brought Spot to Madrid, a robot dog that is traveling the world demonstrating its skills in the practice of tasks that are unattainable for humans. This robotic mascot has arrived at Plaza de España to show its ability to move through difficult terrain and automate routine inspection tasks, capturing data accurately, safely and frequently.

Spot has been designed for the construction, industrial and manufacturing sectors, and has proven its effectiveness in various applications, such as in a mine in Chile, where it has improved construction processes and increased worker safety. Thanks to its legs, Spot can move more freely than drones, climbing ladders and moving over rocks, which has made it a valuable tool for inspections in areas that are difficult to access.

Fernando, an Acciona representative, explained that Spot has been used in blasting processes in mines, where toxic fumes are a problem for operators. Because Spot does not breathe, it can enter these areas to do the necessary scanning, speeding up processes and increasing productivity.

Spot’s presence in Plaza de España has been an opportunity to show its technology to civil engineers and bring them closer to the automation and digitalization of processes in the construction sector. In addition, Acciona has created a sensory expo so that visitors can experience the sensation of being civil engineers and learn first-hand about the technologies that are revolutionizing the sector.