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the United States' ambition to lead in advanced logic chip technology by 2030. The

U.S. Bets on Leading in Advanced Chips

Ambitious Goals Set Secretary of State Gina Raimondo has outlined the United States’ strategic aim to bolster its manufacturing capabilities in the integrated circuits (IC) sector, aiming to produce 20% of the world’s most advanced logic chips by 2030. This initiative is not just about ramping up production from a current starting point of zero but is also about establishing the United States as the hub for the entire silicon supply chain for these advanced chips. Raimondo envisions covering the whole process from polysilicon production to advanced packaging, including research and development (R&D) within the country.

Challenges and Solutions Secretary Raimondo also addressed the current challenges in IC manufacturing, including the need to strengthen the production of leading-edge chips to mitigate the supply chain fragility that has impacted sectors such as the automotive industry. The investment strategy will be targeted and focused, rather than dispersing funds across a broad range of companies. This selective approach aims to ensure a significant and sustained impact on strengthening the IC supply chain in the U.S.

Looking Forward With these efforts, the United States seeks not only to overcome current supply chain challenges but also to position itself as a world leader in the production of advanced integrated circuits. This ambitious plan requires close collaboration between the government and the industry, as well as significant investments in technology and manufacturing capacity. By achieving these objectives, the United States hopes to secure its technological independence and lead the next generation of semiconductor innovation.