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U.S. CHIPS Act spurs $200 billion in private investments in semiconductor industry

The U.S. CHIPS Act is having a major impact on the semiconductor industry, with over $200 billion in private investments being announced since May 2020. These investments are being used to build new fabs and expand existing facilities, as well as to create facilities for producing and supplying materials and equipment for the semiconductor industry. The projects are expected to create around 40,000 new high-quality jobs in the semiconductor ecosystem, with projects being announced in 16 different states.

The U.S. CHIPS Act has already attracted $200 billion in private investments for the semiconductor industry, with 40 new projects announced across 16 states. These projects, which include the construction of new fabs, expansions of existing sites, and facilities for the production of materials and equipment, are expected to create 40,000 new high-quality jobs. In addition, businesses that provide wafers, high-purity chemicals, equipment for semiconductor manufacture, and specialty gases have announced plans to invest a total of $9 billion over the next 10 years, resulting in the creation of 4,971 new jobs in Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Texas.