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Ultra-Compact PM2.5 Sensor by Bosch Sensortec

Bosch Sensortec has revolutionized the air quality monitoring game with the introduction of the BMV080, the world’s smallest PM2.5 air quality sensor. Most air quality measurement stations only provide outdoor data that is averaged over time, but the BMV080 provides localized, real-time information about PM2.5 particulates, which are most relevant to human health.

According to Dr. Lucas Ginzinger, head of product area optics at Bosch Sensortec, indoor air quality can be a major problem, with PM2.5 concentrations from domestic cooking reaching levels 100 times higher than acceptable limits in poorly ventilated homes. With the BMV080, it’s now possible to identify and respond to poor air quality in real-time.

The BMV080 sensing element is ultra-compact, measuring only 4.2mm x 3.5mm x 3mm and has a fanless, non-intrusive and noiseless design. The sensor is also maintenance-free and less prone to malfunction, making it an ideal choice for wearable or IoT devices like air quality monitors, smart thermostats, smart speakers, and air purifiers.

The sensor uses ultra-compact lasers and integrated photodiodes to measure PM2.5 concentrations directly in free space without the need for a fan. With sophisticated algorithms, the BMV080 can be easily integrated into smart home and building systems to provide air quality notifications to residents. When PM2.5 levels rise above a threshold, residents or the home automation system can take action to ventilate the air by switching on an exhaust fan or filter.

In conclusion, the BMV080 is a game-changer in air quality monitoring, providing localized, real-time information about PM2.5 particulates to help keep indoor air clean and healthy.