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Waze includes charging points for electric vehicles

Is it possible to make a long trip with an electric car? The answer is yes, although some models are more suitable than others. Fortunately, technological advances are making it increasingly easy and practical for electric car drivers to plan and carry out their long-distance trips.

Tesla has been a leader in this field with its famous route organizer, but other manufacturers have struggled to follow suit. This is where external apps have taken over, and Waze has recently stood out as one of the most popular and useful for electric car drivers.

In its latest update, Waze not only highlights the nearest charging points, but also indicates which ones are most suitable for our electric car. Although the app has no knowledge of the state of charge of the battery, it can inform us whether the point is compatible with our car, the charging power and the exact location.

This is great news for electric car drivers, as previously this information was insufficient and limited in the app. In the new version of Waze, fully compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, users will be able to see all available charging points on the map and select the most suitable one for their vehicle.

Waze is relying on local map publishers to keep charging station information up to date, and it is expected that additional services can be included in future updates. While there is no concrete timeline for this, it is clear that Waze has a clear goal in terms of integrating charging systems into its navigator.

The update will begin rolling out in the coming weeks and all users will be able to take advantage of it. To activate the feature, simply access the Settings menu, select Electric Vehicles and specify the type of plug compatible with our car. Once this is done, the charging points will appear on the map with all the relevant information.

In short, taking a long trip with an electric car is possible thanks to technological advances and external applications such as Waze. Electric car drivers can now plan their long-distance trips with greater ease and comfort, knowing that they will always have access to the right charging points for their vehicle.